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Do you have any of the following problems with your home's appliances?

  • Your appliance won’t turn on, even though it’s plugged in and everything else is working
  • Your refrigerator has stopped cooling down the food and beverages inside
  • You suspect there is a clogged drain or pipe
  • Weird noises are coming from your appliance
  • The dryer vent in your home needs to be cleaned
  • Your dryer/oven won’t heat up at all
  • There’s a leak coming from the appliance

If you answered yes to any of the above reasons, or you have a problem you can’t identify, contact our appliance repair company based in the Langley BC area for a service call. Our technicians are ready to fix your appliances and get them back on track.

Areas We Service

Starfix is able to provide same-day appliance repair services to all of the following locations in BC.