Emergency Repair

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Emergency Appliance Repair

Imagine: it’s about twelve o’clock in the afternoon, Christmas Eve. You’re all set to put the turkey in the preheated oven, when you realize that the inside isn’t even warm, let alone hot. The unit’s receiving power, but the interior is stone cold. Or perhaps it’s the day of the big game, and you realize that the evening’s beverages have been sitting in a dead refrigerator, at a painful room temperature. Or, maybe tomorrow is the first day of your new job, and you’ve suddenly realized your washing machine is broken and you’re all out of clean socks.

Whatever the case, what you’ve just encountered is an appliance emergency. While it might sound benign at first, there’s no denying how heavily our routines and our lives depend on a select few household appliances. 

When you experience one of these problems, it can really throw a wrench into the works. That’s why knowing who to call for rapid appliance repairs can mean the difference between getting through your day as planned, or managing a minor crisis.

Starfix can repair all of the major residential appliance brands found throughout Langley BC, Vancouver, the Tri-Cities, and the Lower Mainland. We have great expertise in fixing dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, wall ovens, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, oven/stove ranges and cooktops, and garburators (garbage disposal units).

If any of these parts of your home start to malfunction or break down the minute you need them, don’t panic! There are some things you can do before we arrive to make an assessment and repair the appliance. Read on for our emergency appliance repair tips. 


What Qualifies as an Appliance Emergency?

There are a number of issues you can run into with your home appliances that we would categorize as an emergency. Bear in mind that an emergency doesn’t necessarily have to entail some life-threatening, potentially world-ending threat. Here’s a list of some of the emergency repairs we’ve been called in for, and been trusted to handle effectively.


Total appliance shutdown

The most common appliance emergency—a total shutdown of any of your home appliances—can be a serious problem.

In the instance of a refrigerator, the clock starts ticking on everything inside when the unit stops receiving power for whatever reason. Although you may be able to shift all the contents to a cooler and some ice, it’s not a sustainable solution by any means, and can mean you have to make serious changes to your lifestyle until you reach a solution. Without a refrigerator, you may be stuck eating boxed macaroni and canned soup—not an ideal situation. Having a technician who can drop by for a short-notice, same day emergency repair is a huge asset in getting your fridge back up and running, before anything inside begins to spoil.

Other appliances, such as washing and drying machines for clothes, can create similar challenges as a fridge when they stop working entirely. Depending on how much clean laundry you have at the time, you could be facing a very awkward situation for your next day at work or school. A technician will be able to quickly diagnose the problem with your unit. They’ll generally have the needed tools and parts to repair the appliance, or else will be able to secure them quickly enough to get you some clean clothes in time for your next social engagement.


Major water leak

Not just a major inconvenience and slipping hazard, a water leak can cause extensive damage to the rest of your home, meaning a much more costly repair or renovation in the near future. The main appliances where a water leak is a concern are of course your washing machine and dishwasher, but even sink garbage disposal units and fridges can wind up leaking water when they malfunction.

Whatever the case, you’ll want to save your floors (and yourself) from the giant, hazardous mess that is a serious water leak as soon as possible. Starfix’s emergency appliance repair technicians will be able to contain the leak and get your appliance working properly in a timely fashion.


Fire risk

This is a major risk, and something to always be on the lookout for in regards to any appliance that heats up. Clothes dryers, ovens, and stoves are your number one concern when considering the risk of fire.

In the case of clothes dryers, lint buildup in the lint trap, or exhaust vent, can become so dense and so dry that they can ignite when coming into contact with hot air. It’s a good idea to have these components regularly inspected and cleared out, but if you’re starting to smell or see smoke when running your dryer, stop it immediately, disconnect the power, and call a Starfix technician. We’ll come in, and make sure your dryer is in good shape before turning it back over to you.

For cooktops and ovens, grease and other flammable debris can slowly build up over time, and pose a fire risk if it comes into contact with flame. This is not as much of a concern with electric appliances, but there’s still a risk if there’s a lot of flammable material in the unit. Your technician will ensure the oven’s heating element (in an electric unit) is in good working order. Stovetops, especially electric coil burners, should be regularly maintained to ensure they’re clear of any debris or spilled grease. If you’re surprised by any irregular flames when using your stove, shut it off immediately and call your emergency appliance repair person.

Now, let’s share with you a small checklist of things you can do while you wait for our technicians at Starfix to arrive and resolve your urgent appliance problem.


Are you getting power where it is connected, and is it properly wired? If so, this is where the “turn it on and off” bit comes in to play. Perhaps the issue could be where it is plugged inside the home. If the appliance is plugged in but still not working, leave it to us.

Read the Instruction Manual

Sometimes we need to refresh and reread our appliance's installation manual and troubleshooting procedures. Each manual will list some minor problems that are easy to correct but may not be obvious to you at first. If even after following the troubleshooting you are seeing the issue continues, that is when it's time you called in our professional team.

Switches and Controls

Does everything look like it is in the proper place? Are any controls or switches acting up, i.e. are they coming loose, making noises, not going "click" when they're supposed to? Some appliances come with a hidden reset button or switch elsewhere.

Stinks or Making Noise

Is there a funny smell coming from your appliance? Is it making any weird noises? Is something burning? To avoid a fire, please unplug the appliance at once before contacting a technician.

Electrical Inspection

Does anything look burned around a circuit board, wire, or switch? Please use caution and don't go near this since poking around anything electronic can create risk of electrical shock.

Leak Inspection

When it comes to your dishwasher, garburator, and washing machine, one of the worst things to identify is a leak. Take note of any type of leaking and where it could be coming from. Do not try to stop the leak yourself. Simply turn off and unplug the unit and leave the rest to us.

If your appliance is having some issues, these tips should help until our technicians can arrive to better assess the situation. Do not attempt to DIY any appliance fixes in the meantime!


You Can Count on Starfix in Case of an Emergency!

Whether it’s your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, or anything else in between, you should be able to count on your appliances. And although you do your best to choose a good product that will work reliably, emergencies do crop up. That’s why it’s equally important to have a top-rate emergency appliance repair company to call when you need them. 

At Starfix, we’ve been able to avert a number of appliance crises in our time, and our past clientele will confirm that we’ve been able to arrive quickly, work efficiently, and get the job done correctly the first time, helping you steer clear of similar issues later down the road. Our technicians have extensive experience all across Langley and Vancouver BC areas, working with most major home appliance brands.

No matter the situation, you can count on Starfix. If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, or you simply want to get a headstart on maintenance to avoid them in the future, please give us a call today.